8 Apps For Investing in Bitcoin

Blockchain is finally managing to go mainstream. When Bitcoin was initially introduced in 2009, there was a lot of uncertainty around the currency. People were slow to trust it due to its novel and complex technology.

Now, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are both gaining immense popularity. So much so that the market value of the blockchain technology is estimated by Gartner to reach a staggering value of $3.1 trillion by 2030!

Bitcoin continues to be the most popular product using blockchain. As of this writing the Bitcoin market cap is ~$112 billion, with individual coins trading at ~$6500 each. This dispite 2018 being a down year overall for both cryptiocurrencies as a whole and Bitcoin individually.

Since the currency is expected to grow even further in the future, many people now find it lucrative to invest in it. Are you considering doing the same? Here are eight blockchain apps that will help you in investing in bitcoin.

8 Cryptocurrency Apps for Managing Your Investments

  1. Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the first apps that people recommend you when you express your interest in investing in bitcoins. Not only is it a great exchange platform, but it also has wallet solutions that are used by the masses. This app has been delivering its services to more than 7 million users. The fact that it features a simple interface allows it to be a great app for investing in bitcoins. You can use this app on both Android and iOS devices. The platform lets you buy and sell bitcoins and store them within the coinbase platform as well. You can invest in bitcoins via purchasing through your credit cards or banks.

  1. Blockfolio

Are you a professional investor with investments in various digital currencies? If so, you might find it hard to track your investments. This is where this blockchain app comes in handy. Blockfolio keeps tabs on all your investments. It lets you know what investment you made on which platform. Also, it allows you to keep track of the value of your current investment.

To make sure you make the right call about buying and selling bitcoins, it also delivers real-time price movements of bitcoin. You get notified about the prices via push notifications so that you are always aware of when to invest. Hence, those who have diverse portfolios of cryptocurrency will find this app beneficial in keeping track and enhancing returns.

  1. Cryptotrax

Cryptotrax is another application that simplifies the process of bitcoin investments by keeping tabs on the value of your holdings. After you have found an app to do the actual investing process, you would then need an app to know what the value of your investment is from time to time. Cryptotrax helps in this aspect.

Like Blockfolio, it delivers price valuations of your holdings. It lets you know about the possible profits and loss you will face if you sell your investment in the given moment in time. So, this app helps you once you have made the initial investment. This is why it works perfectly when stacked with Coinbase.

  1. Robinhood

As many of you know already, Robinhood is an app that allows you to buy and sell stocks without any fees or commissions. This year they have added cryptocurrecies to their platform. They started with Bitcoin and Etherium and have recently added Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin. Click here for a full review of the Robinhood app.

  1. Binance

Apart from coinbase, Binance is another crypto exchange that has succeeded in making a name for itself in a short period of time. Even though it was founded in 2017, its low transaction fees have made it an excellent platform for investing in Bitcoin. It also features a mobile app that allows you to view your trade history and carry out bitcoin transactions.

  1. Spare

It doesn’t matter where you invest your money. Liquidity is very important. After all, you don’t know when things go sour, and you need quick cash. Spare is an app that allows you to convert your bitcoin holdings into cash quickly. The app delivers this by using the ATM system. When you request cash, you are delivered a barcode by the app, which you then give to shopkeepers who then exchange it for money.

  1. zTrader

Are you an expert trader? If so, zTrader is an Android trading app that might be great for you. Why? This is because this app is constructed for high-level trading investors. Not only does this app deliver services for bitcoins, but it also offers it for other digital currencies as well. The app supports 17 exchanges. Some of the most popular ones include Poloniex, Kraken, and Bitterx. Additionally, the app also offers features like price alerts, newsfeed, and analytical tools.

  1. BTC

When it comes to Bitcoin, BTC is a well-known app. It is lauded by the masses for its easy-to-use interface and simple design. The transfer fee is also reasonable, making the app usable by both small and expert investors alike. You can use the app to buy bitcoins directly. You don’t have to worry about the security of the platform either since it is fully secure.


If you are new or an experienced cyrtocurrency investor any of these eight apps will help you manage your Bitcoin investments. Whether it be tracking your holdings, liquidating it or investing your fiat currency in buying Bitcoin, there is an app to help manage the process. Download those which appeal to you and begin your Bitcoin investment journey.


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Despite the popularity of Bitcoin, I’m still hesitant to invest in it. Also heard about some of the app you mentioned here, maybe this can help me get more familiarized cryptocurrency trading.

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