Devin Morrissey

Devin has been a dishwasher, a business owner, and everything in between. It took him a while to settle on a dream, so he tried out everyone else's to varying degrees of success. You can find him in Daly City or on Twitter, whichever is closer.

Why More Small Businesses Are Embracing Remote Work

Wake up, make a pot of coffee, and start your long commute to the couch, kitchen table, or home office. This is what a lot of work days look like for people, whether they’re self-employed and home every day or part of the 70 percent who work remotely one or more times a week. Small businesses as well as big brands are getting on board, with companies like Amazon and...

How Happy Employees Can Increase Profits

It’s often said that to make money, you have to spend money, but there is often a debate about where to spend that money and what really makes employees happy. Studies show that purpose, meaning, personal contributions, company culture, leadership, respect, and recognition all matter just as much or more than compensation. Perks also matter, but the allure of things like gym memberships and movie tickets can fade. Happy employees...

Small Businesses Are Disproportionately Affected By Data Breach and Cybercrime: What You Can Do About It

It’s a wonder that small business owners often overlook cybercrime when considering threats to their business. Today, cybercrime is more prevalent than ever, with headlines showing instances of data breaches and business hacks year round. Yet, contrary to popular belief, a majority of cybercrime and data breach victims are, in fact, small business. According to a Verizon Report, small businesses represented 61 percent of all data breaches in 2016, up...

Building Up Your Brand’s Reputation and Relevance

Whether it’s a logo, jingle, or product, many well-known brands have built their reputation on the basis of a particular aspect of their company. For example, the Nike swoosh is instantly recognizable around the world, while the catchphrase “taste the rainbow” will be forever associated with Skittles. But symbols and slogans are just a few of the ingredients that make up brand reputation. Whether you’re one of the millions of...

Renovation Tips for an Age-in-Place Smart Home

A house is more than walls, roofing, and appliances — those are just the requirements to make a building. A house is where you raise your kids, where you cook breakfast on the weekends, where you celebrate holidays with your family. It’s a place where you can sit in contentment, growing old with the ones you love, living your life in it day by day. For most Americans, buying a...

Current Trends in FinTech Turn Focus to Integration and Verification

Much of the future of financial technology is wrapped up in how quickly technical capabilities advance. While the convenience on the horizon is mind-boggling, it must be approached with caution and sensibility to avoid compromising the privacy and stability of current financial practices.

Basic Steps to Help Protect Your Business From Hackers

There are more cyber-criminals and hackers out there than ever before. Learn how to protect your business with these basic website protection protocols for your employees and your company.

Common Payroll Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid

It can feel impossible to keep up with everything, especially in a landscape of ever-evolving regulations and standards. In order to keep your legal ducks in a row, as well as a happy staff, you can’t afford to make these common payroll mistakes.