Kyle Burbank

Kyle is a freelance writer and author whose first book, "The E-Ticket Life" is now available on Amazon. In addition to his weekly "Money at 30" column on Dyer News, he is also the editorial director and a writer for the Disney fan site and has recently starting publsihing his own personal finance blog at

Money at 30: Is Working During Vacation Really So Bad?

Whether you're a looking for a less stressful pre-vacation, seeking fresh inspiration for a current project, or just want a full paycheck despite your time away, taking a bit of work with you on vacation might be the right move.

Money at 30: How I'm Spending My Tax Refund

Armed with a tax refund he wasn't expecting, Kyle shares how he is planning to balance "responsible" and "fun" while spending his found funds.

Creating, Publishing, and Selling Your Own eBook

Publishing your own ebook and selling it on major outlets like Amazon may be easier than you think. If you want to bring your book to the world in a matter of hours, here is a complete guide to preparing your title and getting it listed.

Money at 30: The Condo Conundrum

In my on-going homebuying search one option that keeps coming back up is purchasing a condominium. While it may seem silly to buy what is essentially an apartment, there are some perks to condo ownership as well. In fact, depending on your situation and needs, buying a condo could be the right choice for you.

Money at 30: The Appeal in Becoming a Digital Nomad

If you can work from anywhere, why don't you? Kyle highlights a site called Workationing that's opened his eyes to the idea of becoming a digital nomad. In addition to the freedom this lifestyle offers, it turns out there are some other benefits as well.

Money at 30: Retirement and Taxes

Surely you've heard it said that, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes. Of course, before you get to the death part, you have to go through retirement first (well... hopefully). Thus, while this idiom finds a humorous and true connection between the two, I can't help but associate retirement with taxes as well — especially during this time of year.A few weeks ago I wrote on...

Money at 30: Apartment Living and the Costs of Conveniences

This month marks my two-year apartment anniversary. Normally this would be a dreaded time when I need to decide if I want to renew for another year and then budget for either the hike in rent or costs associated with moving out. However, since my lease expired around this time last year, my wife and I have received no renewal notice letter informing us of a price increase, or anything...

Money at 30: Why I Quit Using Acorns

A few months ago I came across Jon's review of Acorns — an investment app that collects your digital loose change automatically from credit and debit card transactions. Like him I had heard rumblings about the application beforehand but, after reading that review, I decided to finally jump on board. For the first few months I absolutely loved using the app, watching my balance grow, and celebrating milestones like surpassing $100...