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One in Five Students Say They've Used Loan Money to Buy Crypto

On the one hand you could argue that getting students to learn about investing early on is actually a good thing, even if they're using loan money to do it. Then again one of the important lessons of investing is not to risk anything you can't afford to lose.

Google Banning Cryptocurrency-Related Ads with Latest Policy Update

Google is planning to ban cryptocurrency-related advertisements from their ad products. This will cover any crypto content, including ads for cryptocurrency wallets, initial coin offerings, and more.

PayPal Patent Seeks to Speed Up Crypto Payments

It's no surprise that PayPal is trying to push cryptocurrencies forward — especially in terms of accepting them as payments. First the company started partnering with Bitcoin payment processors as far back as 2014. It will be interesting to see if PayPal's plan for zippier crypto transactions will catch on and pay off.

Are Taxpayers Properly Reporting Cryptocurrency Capital Gains?

Just like with more traditional investments, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) considers profits made from buying and selling cryptocurrencies to be capital gains and they want to collect taxes on them. However it seems very few crypto buyers are actually reporting their gains.

Crypto Crackdown: Credit Cards Categorize Coins as "Cash Advances"

Credit card companies are now charging cash advance fees for purchases of cryptocurrencies on popular exchanges like Coinbase. It would seem that this change in policy could be the first step toward traditional banks and card issuers cutting off cryptocurrency transactions.

Cryptocurrency 101: What You Need to Know About Bitcoin

While there are legitimate concerns about the viability of Bitcoin and others, if nothing else these currencies should be viewed as a proof of concept for blockchain technology itself. In other words, don’t expect blockchain or cryptocurrencies to go down so easily. Instead, prepare for more disruption as a greater peer to peer movement is heating up.