Economic News

Home Prices Surged in February 2018

Those looking to sell their home this spring may be in the right market. U.S. home prices rose 8.8% in February of 2018, marking the largest jump in nearly four years (March 2014). It was also the 72nd straight month of growth.

Walmart Brings "Meal Kits" to Stores with More to Come

Over the past few years, services like Blue Apron have gotten people cooking again. Positioning themselves as an alternative to eating out and as an easy way to cook gourmet meals at home without stocking your pantries with tons of ingredients, this space itself has grown tremendously — although individual...

Ranking the Cities with the Highest Average Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt in the U.S. exceeded $1 trillion last year. A new study takes a closer look at which cities in the United States have the highest average credit card balances. Coming in first place was the District of Columbia. In D.C. the average credit card balance is $7,442.

Trump Plans Tariffs on Steel, Aluminum

Ultimately, if President Trump does enact the planned steel and aluminum tariffs, the United States could very well be headed for a trade war. Beyond the potential economic implications that would bring, it also puts the U.S. at risk of alienating key allies around the world.

Macy's Expanding Discount Store Concept

It's too early to tell whether Macy's play with Backstage will be enough to keep the chain above water for a while longer or whether it may just be rearranging deck chairs at this point. Anecdotally, salespeople at Macy's and other chain's have reported that customers have been making use...

Citigroup Refunding $330 Million in Interest Overcharges

Despite the protections CARD puts in place, this Citi error should serve as a reminder to consumers to know their rights and keep a closer eye on their finances. Thankfully those affected will now be receiving refunds but one can't help but wonder how easy it could have been for...

Morgan Stanley Warns Larger Stock Slide Could Be Coming

Despite the apparent rebound the stock market at large has seen so far this week, it might not be the time to celebrate just yet. If some spectators are to be believed, there could be even bumpier days ahead as inflation concerns and other factors threaten both the stock and...

How Much Will Consumers Spend on Valentine's Day This Year?

Although we may not have needed a study to tell us that Valentine's Day festivities can get expensive, seeing the actual figures is always fascinating. In the grand scheme of things, $144 might not be a ton but the $19.6 billion figure is pretty staggering.