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Personal finance and money management can be very confusing. Most people know that optimizing their finances is important but few feel confident that they have the knowledge to do so.

At Dyer News we stay on top of the latest economic trends, financial products, and money management strategies in order to provide the knowledge to help you use the money you have today to live the life you want.

Learn to make your money work for you. Whether it’s getting debt free or investment advice we have you covered.

Money at 30: The Condo Conundrum

In my on-going homebuying search one option that keeps coming back up is purchasing a condominium. While it may seem silly to buy what is essentially an apartment, there are some perks to condo ownership as well. In fact, depending on your situation and needs, buying a condo could be...

Money at 30: The Appeal in Becoming a Digital Nomad 1

If you can work from anywhere, why don't you? Kyle highlights a site called Workationing that's opened his eyes to the idea of becoming a digital nomad. In addition to the freedom this lifestyle offers, it turns out there are some other benefits as well.

Top 10 Personal Finance Articles of the Month — February 2017

It's time once again to look back at the month that was and highlight my top 10 personal finance articles from around the web. This February 2017 edition includes posts related to tax time preparations, budgeting and debt, financial tools, and some general personal finance tips.

Tourism Industry Braces for "Trump Slump"

At this point any potential impact that President Trump's policies could have on the tourism industry over the next four years (or more) is pure speculation based on very recent and mostly reactionary data. That said, with foreign travel to the United States making up such a massive market —...

Money at 30: Retirement and Taxes

Surely you've heard it said that, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes. Of course, before you get to the death part, you have to go through retirement first (well... hopefully). Thus, while this idiom finds a humorous and true connection between the two, I can't help...

Final Obama-Era Jobs Report Released As Economic Uncertainty Grows

Earlier this week the Bureau of Labor Statistics released their jobs report for January 2017, which just so happens to mark the last 20 days of the Obama administration. As FiveThirtyEight notes the latest report is starkly different from the one released as the 44th president assumed the office eight years ago....

Money at 30: Apartment Living and the Costs of Conveniences

This month marks my two-year apartment anniversary. Normally this would be a dreaded time when I need to decide if I want to renew for another year and then budget for either the hike in rent or costs associated with moving out. However, since my lease expired around this time...

Top 10 Personal Finance Articles of the Month — January 2017

As a new month begins it's time again for what is quickly becoming one of my favorite features: a look at my top 10 personal finance articles of the month. Once again this month features new posts from some familiar bloggers as well as a few new ones. This edition...