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Money at 30: 3 Types of Insurance That Are Worth Spending Money On

Insurance is frustrating. While it can surely come in handy in a pinch, it's hard not to look at the money you spend on a given policy and feel you've wasted it if you don't need to make a claim. That said, not having these three types of insurance can lead to financial disaster.

What Do Americans Know About Foreign Transaction Fees?

Although foreign transaction fees might not seem like a big deal to many Americans, they can really add up when traveling. Keep in mind that most credit card rewards offer users 1% to 2%, while transaction fees range from 2% to 3% — meaning travelers are losing money with each purchase.

Amazon Prime Prices Set to Rise

Although some of the site's 100 million subscribers may call be calling it quits over the increase, the undeniable convenience of the service may make it hard for some users to part ways with it.

Money at 30: My Experience Using Credit Karma Tax

Overall, I'm still amazed that Credit Karma Tax is free and I'm really glad I decided to try it out. With this being only the second year the service has been offered, hopefully it will continue to improve with time and give the other guys a real run for their money.

Money at 30: Getting into the Thrifty Mindset

Sure saving money and being frugal can be unfun if you make it, but focusing on the positives, making money into a game, and allowing yourself some customized splurges can not only help your financial life but also allow you to live happily.

Top 10 Personal Finance Articles of the Month — March 2018

As spring kicked off last month, home buying and cost of living were proved to be popular topics. Additionally many bloggers offered their insights on side hustles as a way to make extra money as we prepare for the summer season.

Initial Travel Credit Card Reward Promotions On the Rise

The trend of increasing bonus offers for travel credit cards is true. That said it's important for potential applicants to carefully research their options and things like redemption rates that can prevent them from making true apples to apples comparisons.

Money at 30: 5 Things to Do Before Going on a Road Trip

As I write this, I am just mere hours away from jumping in the car and setting off on a 16-hour road trip to sunny Orlando, Florida. In preparation I did the following 5 things. Some of these tips might help save you some money, while others could save your time and/or sanity. Happy travels!