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Half Way to Tax Time — How You Should be Preparing

April may still be a ways off but that doesn't mean you shouldn't already be thinking about your taxes. In fact, by getting a jump on your tax planning this Halloween, you may help avoid a scary tax time experience next spring.

Money at 30: Starting My (Potential) Home Buying Quest

A few weeks ago in my post about savings milestones and goals I mentioned that my wife and I were currently working on building up a down payment to maybe one day buy a house of our own. Over the years I have personally gone back in forth between obsessing over HGTV and being frightened by Lowe's commercials, so this is about the closest I've been to seriously considering the...

Home Buying: How to Ensure That You're Ready

Tired of renting and ready to invest in a place of your own? It sounds like you're ready to buy a home. However, before you know for sure, there are a few things to consider and places to start before you dive in. Buying a home is likely the largest purchase you will make in your lifetime and, for that reason, it's worth considering these tips: Calculate your budget  Before...