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Renovation Tips for an Age-in-Place Smart Home 3

A house is more than walls, roofing, and appliances — those are just the requirements to make a building. A house is where you raise your kids, where you cook breakfast on the weekends, where you celebrate holidays with your family. It’s a place where you can sit in contentment,...

New Study Ranks the Best States to Retire In

One of the biggest decisions workers will make in their lifetime is when to retire. However determining where to retire can be equally as important. While lifestyle, weather, and amenities can often lead this conversation, financial factors such as cost of living and overall tax burden should also be considered. To help guide...

How to Plan a Realistic Retirement Budget

Retirement should be a time of reduced stress but if you don't have a realistic budget in place you could end up causing yourself even more stress than when you were working. No one wants to spend their twilight years stressed over paying bills so getting a budget in place...

Money at 30: Walking Away from 401(k) Matching Funds

As I've written about in the past, one of the best ways to boost your retirement savings is to max out the free money you can earn from employer matching. With that in mind, the question then becomes: when does it make sense to walk away from those matching funds?