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Money at 30: Charles Schwab Investing Starter Kit Overview

These days, there is no shortage of easy-to-use brokerage accounts that consumers can turn to when they're ready to begin investing. From SoFi to Public and, of course, Robinhood, these fee-free accounts have revolutionized the industry in ways both good and bad, leaving traditional brokerage accounts to evolve as well. One such firm that's seen a number of changes in recent years is Charles Schwab, which has attempted to bring...

Bella Loves Me (Bella) Review

What first made me interested in Bella was its concept that emphasized random acts of kindness between its members. So, how does this work in practice? Let's take a look at some of the basics of Bella as well as my experience so far.

2022 Pay with GasBuddy Review: Yes, You Can Legitimately Save Money Every Time You Fill

Put simply, the value proposition of Pay with GasBuddy is that you can use a special card that's accepted at most gas stations in order to save a few cents off of every gallon of gas you buy. That sounds good — almost too good, if you think like me.

Yotta Savings Review — A Gamified Banking Account

You read that right — so how does it all work? Let’s take a look at Yotta Savings, how it’s lottery component works, and how it could help convince you to start saving.

2022 SoFi Checking and Savings (SoFi Money) Review

Ever since I started taking an interest in the FinTech sector, one company whose name I’ve seen pop up over and over again is SoFi. Despite that, lately it seems as though that theme has been sent into overdrive as the company has not only become a household name thanks to its stadium naming rights deal but also because of the company’s continued expansions. However, the most interesting development in...

Money at 30: American Express Rewards Checking Review

When you think about American Express, there's a good chance that premium credit cards come to mind. That's definitely understandable as the company not only boasts a $695 annual fee Platinum Card but is also home to the legendarily clandestine Centurion card — AKA "The Black Card." Despite this reputation, Amex has been branching out in recent years. Now, its latest shot at growing its customer base comes in the...

Point Neon Debit Card Review — Worth the Fee?

UPDATE: As of September 2022, Point has discontinued the Neon debit card. Below is my review of the product just weeks before the announcement of "sunsetting" was made" A few months back, I remember seeing an ad for a debit card called Point. With the sleek site, brightly colored cards, and attractive benefits, I was definitely interested. Well, that was until I saw that there was an annual fee —...

Spiral Review — Charity Giving and Digital Banking Meet

One of my favorite things about covering the state of FinTech is that there are so many fresh takes on what a digital banking account can be. That was definitely the case with Bella Loves Me, which focuses on random acts of kindness between users. The same can also be said of the app Spiral, which combines neobank features with a charity giving platform. So, how does Spiral execute on...