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2022 Bumped Review — Yes You Really Can Earn Stocks When You Shop Online

With a stellar line-up of brands on board and an easy-to-use platform, Bumped has quickly become one of my favorite financial apps to use. With Bumped still in its public beta phase, I'm very much looking forward to seeing what happens with the app from here. If all goes according to plan, I believe the app could very well change the way we think about brand loyalty schemes, while also...

Acorns App Makes it Easy to Save and Invest

We’ve all probably heard it said that the key to building wealth is investing. Unfortunately, especially among those of a younger generation, getting started with investing can seem intimidating, preventing many from even trying. Enter Acorns — a mobile app that looks to make investing not only easy but also painless and automatic.

Personal Capital Review

A couple of years ago, my wife and I opened a new chapter in our financial journey as we resolved to make 2019 the year we learned more about investing. Whether I was reading books on the subject or exploring other blogs for advice, there was one recommendation I came across again and again: Personal Capital. Finally, in conjunction with me opening my first “real” brokerage account, I also set...

Money at 30: Claritus Review

As someone who reviews a lot of apps and services, I end up keeping my money in a lot of different places. Conveniently, this also means that I get to put several aggregation tools to the test. While this has led me to more well-known services such as Mint and Personal Capital, I recently came across another tool called Claritus — which is apparently still in beta. Having spent the...

Money at 30: Public Stock Trading App Review

If you're in the market for an affordable and easy-to-use brokerage account, you're certainly not alone. Thanks in part to unique market conditions as well as the recent "Gamestonk" phenomenon (including the Robinhood fallout from the event), there seems to be a new level of excitement surrounding FinTech trading apps. This gave me the perfect excuse to revisit Public; a free trading app I've had installed on my phone for...

Acorns vs. Robinhood: Which is Better for Beginning Investors?

Acorns and Robinhood — are aimed at would-be investors who may be intimidated by the traditional world of investing. Which is better for beginners?

SoFi Active Investing Review (2021)

Has there ever been a better time to be a newbie investor? It wasn’t long ago that trading stocks and purchasing ETFs required “a guy” who you could give orders to and they’d make it happen. Oh, but they would charge you a significant commission for the service. Cut to 2021 and things are much different. Not only has stock market trading moved online, allowing investors to make trades for...

2021 Robinhood App Review

Robinhood has proven to be an extremely easy way to start buying stocks without having to pay commissions or fees. Furthermore, as I do start to learn the ropes and am ready to take my portfolio to the next level, it's nice to know that Robinhood continues to increase their offerings.