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For small business owners, business credit can be a bit of a mystery. Not only are there separate business credit bureaus but they often have different scoring models than those familiar to consumers. Further complicating matters is that, in some cases, business owners will rely on their personal credit to obtain financing for their businesses, perhaps leading them to not even know that business credit exists. However, with Credit Strong’s latest product, Credit Strong Business, entrepreneurs now have a new option for building their business credit.

With that, let’s take a look at how Credit Strong Business works:

What is Credit Strong Business and How Does it Work?

What is Credit Strong?

Credit Strong is a division of Austin Capital Bank that offers what are often known as credit-builder loans. However, despite the “loan” name, funds are not distributed to you upon approval of your application. Instead, they’re held in an FDIC-insured savings account while customers make set payments. Then, these on-time payments are reported to major credit bureaus, which in turn can help you establish, build, and improve your credit. Once all payments are made, the funds are released to you.

What is Credit Strong Business?

The basic idea behind Credit Strong Business is similar to what their consumer options offer except that, instead of using your personal Social Security number, you use your business’s Employer Identification Number (EIN), allowing you to build business credit. Additionally, instead of reporting your payments to the consumer credit firms, Credit Strong Business reports to other bureaus that track business credit.

What credit bureaus does Credit Strong Business report to?

At this time, Credit Strong Business Credit reports payments to Equifax and PayNet — two of the major business credit bureaus. However, in the future, the company plans to also report to Experian and SBFE.

Requirements for Credit Strong Business

According to Credit Strong, Business applicants must:

  • Have an EIN
  • Not be in the agriculture industry
  • Be an LLC, corporation, or general partnership
  • Own at least 25% of the business
  • Be registered with the Secretrary of State for least 3 months
  • Be located in the United States and have a physical U.S. address place of business

Credit Strong for Business Plans and Pricing

Currently, there are two Credit Strong for Business Plans: a 5-year and a 10-year. Both report as $10,000 installment loans to credit bureaus. The 5-year plan is $199 a month for 60 months while the 10-year is $115 a month for 120 months.

With ether plan, business owners can cancel at any time without penalty. To do so, customers can simply pay the outstanding interest and loan balance. Alternatively, Credit Strong advises that users can contact their support team.

Overall, Credit Strong Business is an interesting way for small business owners to build business credit. Additionally, once the loan is paid off, entrepreneurs will be able to access the $10,000 principal amount. However, it’s important that businesses consider the costs associated with Credit Strong’s service as well as ensure that they can afford the monthly payments — especially since late or missed payments could hurt their business credit. To learn more about Credit Strong Business or to apply, be sure to check out their site.

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