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Top 10 Personal Finance Articles of the Month — April 2020

It’s time again for one of my favorite features here on Dyer News: a look at the top 10 personal finance articles of the month. Given the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 situation, we’ll start by looking at the realities of money in 2020. Then we’ll explore a few paths for reaching your savings goals — followed by a couple of side hustle (or lack thereof) related posts. Finally, we’ll look at the pros and cons of warehouse clubs and how a lack of options can inspire creativity.

As usual, this month’s list includes a couple Dyer News Top 10 mainstays as well as a few first-timers. Without further ado, below is my list of the top 10 personal finance articles published in April of 2020, along with their title, author, and the site they originally appeared on.

Money in 2020

Predicting 5 Ways the Coronavirus Will Change Money Habit Jake, Money by Jake

At this point, there’s little doubt that the current pandemic will change the ways we live our lives for the next several years if not forever. The same scenario seems likely when it comes to our finances. On that note, Jake looks at five potential ways that COVID-19 will impact the public’s money habits from now on.

11 Ways to Use Stimulus Payments to Help Your CommunityFinancial Pilgrimage

As you surely know by now, in March, the Federal Government authorized a $2 trillion stimulus bill. Among the features of this legislation were direct payments of $1,200 to taxpayers making under a certain amount. While recipients of these funds should use them as they see fit, for those who can spare some of the cash, this post from Financial Pilgrimage suggests a few ideas for using these payments to support your community.

What Day is It? Life and Money During a PandemicThe Luxe Strategist

Needless to say, the day to day routines of most people have been severely impacted by the current climate. Of course, the amount of disruption can vary greatly from person to person. With that in mind, The Luxe Strategist takes a personal look at some of the changes they’re experiencing, from stocking up on supplies to work at home mistakes and beyond.

Savings Goals

How to Finally Reach Your Savings Goals – A 5-Step Plan — Melody, Cash for Tacos

There’s a world of difference between knowing you should be saving and actually doing it. Moreover, even when you do resolve to start socking away more money, various setbacks can make it difficult to reach your goals. If you’re ready to get serious about your savings, Melody has a five-step plan to set you on the right path.

Unpopular Opinion: Why Automating Your Savings is Overrated — Rachel Scott, Teachers Talk Money

In the minds of some personal finance experts, automation is a “silver bullet” can that can really transform your money situation. That said, the strategy isn’t without its drawbacks nor is it right for every person. As Rachel explains, the practice of putting your savings on autopilot may ultimately be overrated.

The Secret to Improving Your Finances — Andrea Joy, Saving Joyfully

While many people struggle with money, relatively few are ever able to turn things around (without a major change to their income). So what’s the secret to financial improvement? Andrea shares some of the ways she’s been able to master her money.

Side Hustles

What It’s Like Delivering Food During A Pandemic — Kevin, Financial Panther

These days, millions of Americans are turning to delivery services to not only bring restaurant cooking to them but also have groceries brought to their doors. This is clearly convenient for the receiving consumer, but what about those doing the delivering? Kevin offers a first-hand glimpse into his current reality, including the good and bad.

You Don’t HAVE to Hustle In Your Time at Home — Rachel, Budgets and Kale

If you look online, you may come across some saying that now is the time to realize your hustling potential. That may sound great in theory, but is it really the best advice for everyone? Rachel reminds us that you don’t actually have to hustle during these uncertain times and why it may be better to take it easy.

Personal Finance Tips

Are Warehouse Clubs Worth it for Couples? The Pros and Cons — Kyle Burbank, Money@30

The concept of buying in bulk to save money has been a popular one among families for years and years. Meanwhile, those with only a couple of mouths to feed might be wondering if warehouse clubs like Costco or Sam’s Club are worth the annual membership fees that they charge. For his post, Kyle attempts to help answer that question by highlighting some of the pros, cons, and misconceptions you should know about.

What to Do When Your Options Shrink — David, City Frugal

Given the current circumstances, chances are that many around the world are suddenly seeing fewer options in front of them than they may be used to. On the whole, this might not be a great thing but it’s also not the end of the world. Ultimately, you may need to get creative and, as David points out, “embrace the opportunities you still have.”

Thanks for checking out my top 10 personal finance articles published last month and congratulations to all of the bloggers who made the list. To find more of these great articles on a daily basis, be sure to follow me on Twitter @jondyer9 and of course visit

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Once again, a great list of articles to read. Thanks for gathering and sharing your top ten list every month.

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