Top 10 Personal Finance Articles of the Month — April 2022

It’s time again for one of my favorite features here on Dyer News: a look at the top 10 personal finance articles of the month. With spring having sprung, we’ll start things off with some spring cleaning — both for your home and for your finances. Then, we’ll look at a pair of articles all about time. Lastly, we’ll talk hiding money from yourself, experience spending, and more.

As usual, this month’s list includes a couple of Dyer News Top 10 mainstays as well as a few first-timers. Without further ado, below is my list of the top 10 personal finance articles published in April of 2022, along with their title, author, and the site they originally appeared on.

Spring Cleaning Etc.

How to Clean Out Your Closet With a Quick Closet Purge — Jewels, One Frugal Girl

With spring cleaning being a yearly tradition for many, there’s a good chance you’ll be looking to do some decluttering. When doing so, a good place to start is often your closet. With that in mind, Jewels take a closer look at the closet cleanout and how to be successful with one.

Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Decide Between Hidden Treasures and Garbage — Kyle Burbank, Money at 30

As you’re looking to downsize your possessions and declutter, you may be wondering what to do with the items you’re parting with. While we’d all like to recover some of what we spend by selling the items, that might not really be worth the effort. To help you determine the best path for your stuff, Kyle shares a few tips and things to consider.

16 Great Ways to Start Spring Cleaning Your Finances — Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, Making Sense of Cents

Who says spring cleaning has to be just for your physical space? While you’re focusing on change, it may be the perfect opportunity to take a fresh look at your finances and some moves you can make. In this post, Michelle offers 16 ways to perform some spring cleaning on your money.

5 Principles to Declutter Your Financial Life — Bob Lotich, Becoming Minimalist

Now that you’ve taken some specific steps to spring clean your finance, it’s time to consider some larger principles that could help you simplify your money life going forward. For example, how many credit cards do you really need? Bob looks at this financial decluttering tip and more.

All About Time

Understanding the Time Value of Money Chris Mamula, Can I Retire Yet?

Have you ever heard of the Time Value of Money concept? Basically, this idea compares the value of a dollar received today versus one you might receive in the future. However, while it might seem straightforward enough, Chris points out some of the complications and attempts to simplify them.

Why I Love Wasting My Precious Time — Lisa, A Lawyer and Her Money

As it’s often said, “time is money.” Thus, who would ever want to waste time? Well, Lisa, that’s who! As she explains, wasting quality time can actually be quite lovely.

Personal Finance Tips

How I Hide Money From MyselfHow Much is That in Tacos?

Even for those who are “good with money,” temptation can still abound. That’s why one of the best ways to reach your financial goals is to actually hide money from yourself, as it were. This article from How Much is That in Tacos? shares a few methods they personally use to do just that.

Is Spending On Experience Overrated? — Joe, Retire by 40

In certain circles, there’s been a strong emphasis on spending money on experiences instead of “stuff.” Funny enough, this idea is currently being highlighted in an ad for Expedia where Ewan McGregor asks viewers to consider whether they’d regret the things they didn’t buy or the places they didn’t go. However, Joe wonders whether experience spending may also be growing to be overrated.

If You Have This, You Don’t Need To Worry About Losing Your Job — Destiny S. Harris, The Making of a Millionaire

If you’re like many Americans, you occasionally worry about what would happen if you were to lose your job. Considering that the vast majority of people rely on their employment to make a living, this fear is definitely understandable. Yet, for those looking to ease that worry, Destiny highlights the most effective way to decrease your dependence on your employment income.

What Is Coast FIRE? Save Early, Then Relax — Kevin Mercadante, Wallet Hacks

Finally, as we’ve covered before, there are now many “flavors” of FIRE — which stands for “financial independence, retire early.” Among them is the concept of Coast FIRE. To help explain what this flavor entails and how it works, Kevin takes a detailed look at Coast and how it compares to other types of FIRE.

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