Top 10 Personal Finance Articles of the Month — December 2022 

It’s time again for one of my favorite features here on Dyer News: a look at the top 10 personal finance articles of the month. To start, we’ll look at a trio of articles related to financial independence and retirement. Then, we’ll celebrate the new year with some tips for making it a great one. Lastly, we’ll discuss getting rich twice, tax-loss harvesting, becoming a saver, and more.

As usual, this month’s list includes a couple of Dyer News Top 10 mainstays as well as a few first-timers. Without further ado, below is my list of the top 10 personal finance articles published in December of 2022, along with their title, author, and the site they originally appeared on.

FI and Retirement

Is Now A Great Time To Retire?1500 Days to Freedom

The past year has been a bit of a roller coaster for the stock market. While most long-term investors need not worry too much about these swings, it can be a different story if you’re retired or retiring. With that in mind, this post from 1500 Days to Freedom questions whether or not now is a good time to retire.

Is Slow FI The Ultimate Form Of Quitting? — DINKS on a Bus

A term we heard a lot in 2022 was “quiet quitting.” Not only is this phrase perhaps a bit misunderstood but the very concept of quitting itself may be as well. In fact, DINKS on a Bus shares how they’ve adopted a new outlook on what “quitting” really means and what it has to do with Slow FI.

How I Lived On $16,930 As A Global Nomad In 2022 A Purple Life

As an early-retired nomad, Purple spent 2022 traveling the world. To most, that type of lifestyle might sound expensive. Yet, as her post detailing every dollar she spent shows, she managed to live on a little under $17,000 for the year.

The New Year

Skip the Resolutions: 5 Steps To Build a Better New Year How Much is That in Tacos?

Every year, millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, many of those loosely-planned goals are dropped within a couple of weeks. So, rather than making large overtures, this article from How Much is that in Tacos? looks at five specific actions consumers can take to better their finances this year.

How to Stop Shopping Impulsively in 2023: 23 Frugal Tips — Barefoot Minimalists, No Sidebar

While the temptation to overspend around the holidays is well documented, some consumers may not realize how much they allow their money to slip away from them throughout the year. That’s what happens when you spend impulsively. To help you curb such mindless spending, the Barefoot Minimalists share several tips for living more frugally in 2023.

Personal Finance Tips

Don’t Try to Get Rich Twice — Ben Carlson, A Wealth of Common Sense

If you were to strike it rich, would you be willing to gamble it in hopes of making even more? Or would you try to hold onto what you have as tightly as possible? In this intriguing post, Ben looks at the story of famed film producer Robert Evans and why getting rich twice is not exactly a good thing.

Tax-Loss Harvesting: A Step-By-Step Guide — Robert Farrington, The College Investor

With the advent of automated investment tools such as roboadvisors, you may have heard the term “tax-loss harvesting.” However, you may be wondering exactly how this concept works and whether it’s something you can utilize without needing to sign up for a robo service. The good news is that Robert is here to answer all of your tax-loss harvesting questions as he walks through the potential money-saving process.

From Spender to Saver Your Money Blueprint

In life, we all know people who are natural spenders and those who are natural savers. But can those who are programmed to spend learn to save instead? As Your Money Blueprint shows, the answer is thankfully “yes.”

Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Listen to a Word I Say — Dr. Peter Kim, Passive Income MD

When it comes to personal finance advice, it can be hard to know who to listen to. After all, everyone has their own experiences and expertise. Acknowledging that, Peter highlights five reasons why you shouldn’t listen to him.

10 of My Favorite Money at 30 Articles from 2022 — Kyle Burbank, Money@30

Finally, I’m ending this “best of” round-up with another “best of” round-up. In this case, Kyle compiled a list of his favorite Money at 30 columns that he’s written in the past 12 months. From app reviews to pet ownership expenses and apartment upgrades, all 10 of these posts are worth a second look.

Thanks for checking out my top 10 personal finance articles published last month and congratulations to all of the bloggers who made the list. To find more of these great articles on a daily basis, be sure to follow me on Twitter @jondyer9 and of course visit

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